Essentials of The Good Website

Today, the website is the most important thing for every business. A business without a website is like life without oxygen. But there are lots of things that a businessman must understand before building and designing his/her website. So, let’s discuss the factors that are essential to building and designing the new website.

Features of the Good Website Design:

 There are various features or factors that affect the quality and reliability of the website. Every website designer or website developer or even a businessman should take those factors into consideration before designing a website. So, let’s discuss a few of them one by one.


  1. Background:

 The first thing ever to keep in mind before making any website is that your website should have a proper background. Doesn’t matter whether it is a plain color, picture, or wallpaper but it must suit and match with your other elements like text, images, videos, etc. For e.g. If I am making the website of a school and I am putting the picture of the tiger as a background, will it even make any sense?


  1. Font:

 The font you are using for your website text should be appropriate and it should be readable. Also, it should have the proper size and color according to the background. Font style should also differ from website to website. Suppose you are building a website for jewelry products then your font should be a thin light with a decorative calligraphy style and it should again match your background.


  1. Call To Action:

 It’s time to do a small task. Do one thing, visit anywhere on this website ( and you will get one thing common there. I am damn sure that you have definitely noticed that plus signed pop-up button there. If you click there, you will be given three different options to connect with Siddigital. Then if you have visited our website, you may have noticed that our homepage has a contact us form. This is exactly what we call a call to action. The word means exactly the same i.e. calling a visitor to take some actions on the website. It is the most important thing that every businessman, website developer, or website designer must keep in mind before developing or designing any website is the website must have a call to action button. Imagine, you have built an excellent website and you don’t have any CTA button then how a user will be able to connect with you?



  1. Internal linking:

 Internal linking is another important factor in website design. Internal linking is nothing but providing a link to another page of the same website so that it would help in better understanding and navigation. Let’s have a look at the 3rd point i.e. Call To Action. Did you notice that there are some links I have mentioned in form of text? What if I had not mentioned any link there? It would be a difficult and lengthy process for you to visit the website and nowadays people are already in hurry and have lost their patience. So there should be such internal linking on your website so that it will be easy for the visitor to navigate and it will save his/her time.


  1. Images:

 The image plays a vital role in website design. The image used on the website should speak about the text that you are mentioning. For e.g., if you have a website for a school and you are providing information about the classrooms, then you should add a proper and good-looking picture of the classroom of that school. One thing always keeps in mind before adding pictures is always upload the picture with a minimum size below 100KB. The long-sized pictures may result in a low page speed or the loading speed of your website.


So, these are some important aspects that you should always keep in mind during website development and website designing. There are lots of other factors also that affect website design and development.