On-page SEO And Off-Page SEO

SEO is an ongoing and regular process that helps us in improving the ranking position of the website on the search engine’s results page. As we are hearing SEO is the most important factor of Digital Marketing, We need to understand both, On-page and Off-page activities of SEO. So, let’s understand what is On-page and Off-page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO:

 On-page SEO is nothing but SEO that includes the On-page or On website activities. On-page SEO activities are the activities that we can control. Majorly it includes our Meta tags, H1 tags, Website design, SSL certificate, Keyword Optimization, Mobile optimization, URL structure, etc. These activities come under On-page SEO. We can control these activities. For eg. www.siddigital.com is the website for Digital Marketing. So, the Title, Head, and Description of each page of the website, the Design of the website, the SSL certificate, Keywords used in its content, and the URL structure of the webpages are the factors that are there on the website of www.siddigital.com can control and thus come under the category of On-Page SEO.  


  • Off-Page SEO:

 Off-page SEO is the exact opposite of On-page SEO. we cannot completely control the Off-page SEO activities. Off-page SEO activities are the off-page or website activities that are not directly connected with the website but indirectly it affects the ranking and the overall SEO of the Website. Off-page SEO activities involve activities like Backlinking, Social media, guest posting, Link submission, etc. that indirectly help in improving the website SEO. Now again go to the website www.siddigital.com and you will not be able to see the backlinking, social media postings, or Guest Posts because these are Off-Page activities and you will not be able to see them on a website or a webpage.

The Above image tells us the factors included in On-page and Off-page SEO. These are the very basic things of SEO. Now revise it and in the next chapter, we will discuss other facts about SEO. Till then Good Bye and keep in touch with us.