Three Main Components of the SEO

Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO is a vast process of optimizing the rank of the website on Google’s Search Engine Result Page. It is a vast and organic process consisting of various factors like Content, Keywords, Relevancy of the Content, Location, Authority, Backlinking, Website Design, Internal Linking, Meta tags, Headings, and so on. Basically, these factors are divided into two types i.e. Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. But Content, Relevancy, and Authority are three main components of SEO. So, let’s discuss three of them one by one.


Content is the first and most important factor that affects the SEO ranking of the website. A Website must have a proper content strategy that can trigger the SEO of the Website. Proper content consists of a proper collaboration of Text, Keywords, Links, color combinations, pictures, video, audio, background, etc. SEO ranking of any website is highly influenced by the Content of the website.


In the last point, we discuss the importance of the content. But that content gets important only when it is relevant to the particular user’s intention. For e.g., if a website has fantastic content for the school, classrooms, benches, etc but the website sells Online courses then it will not rank for the SEO because the content of the website is not relevant to its intention.


Authority refers to the popularity of the website. High Authority Website can easily get ranked on Search Engine Result Page for SEO. There are various practices to increase the authority of the website. Backlinking is the most common and popularly used practice to increase the Authority of the Website.


Above are three main important factors that affect the SEO rankings of any website. SEO is a vast and lengthy process but it is the best organic and the most important practice to rank the website on the Search engine result page. For the best SEO practices contact Siddigital.