Who doesn’t love speed? Who likes getting their work done in a slow place?
No one, right?

In this fast pace life people are also running behind completing there daily chores as soon as possible so that they can get some own time.

We are living in the Digital Era, and everything has almost got digital or is in the verge of getting digital. In India, the field of Digital Marketing is growing at a vast rate, and is going to become very important in the coming 2-3 years. Businesses are getting into Digital Marketing by creating Websites, and implementing SEO and Ad campaigns to grow their business and improve there brand engagement with the audience.

As of now let’s talk about business websites. In simple language, a Website is your online salesperson. The kind of salesperson who is working 24×7 to create your business awareness, showcase your business and eventually bring sales to your business. Your website is available to all in the whole world, anyone can view your business services and products from any corner of the world through your website. Isn’t it great?

Websites are developed by the website development companies who allots the expert website developers to design and develop the websites using different programming languages. There is a vast process which is followed by the developers to deliver quality and fast websites.

Developers at SIDDIGITAL develop websites that are beautifully designed, eye-catching and functional at the same time. No one prefers to view a website which takes a hell lot of time to load, the person gets frustrated and eventually closes the website and tries to open other companies website. This leads to a loss in sales just because of a slow website.

This is why a website need to get load within 5 seconds after clicking the link. It is suggested to optimize the website to load within 5 seconds and not more than 8 seconds. Else it will lead to losing the customer for your business.

Below are some optimizing tips to make your website load fast:


Image Optimization – A website is made visually appealing by using high-quality images. Images are one of the important elements to make a website beautiful. The images used can be of small size or large size, but it is always recommended to use high quality images which are of smaller size. Large size images makes your website heavy and that makes the website load slower. It is important to compress the images which reduces the size of the image but maintains the quality at the same time.

Minimize the Server Requests – A website is basically a package of file which includes programming files, images, videos and other necessary files. These files are stored on a hosting server which stores your website data and makes it available to the public over the internet. Whenever a person enters the website URL in the web browser, the browser sends request to the website server to upload the files. If the website contains large number of files, the server might take time to respond to the requests which then makes the website slow. Try to minimize the number of files

Add Expire Headers– The Expire Headers saves the internet data and makes the website fast by signalling the browser whether to request the server for files or to take it directly from the browser cache.

GZip Compression – GZip is a compressing tool which is used by signing into the server dashboard. GZip compresses the website files and makes the files lighter to transfer from the server to browser.

Fix broken links – Broken links are the least things you want on your website. They create unnecessary responses on the ERROR 404 page. Check all the broken links and fix them to optimize your website at its best.

Minify Website’s HTML, CSS, and JS files – Just like Image compression is necessary, the programming files like HTML, CSS and Java Script files also needs to be compressed to its smallest size. This makes the website lighter and eventually increases the response time.


Implement the above tips to make your website load faster and create a great viewing experience for the website viewers